Owen Lynch

Owen Hanley Lynch, Ph.D.is an Associate Professor in the Meadows School of the Arts at SMU.  He is a founding board member of Get Healthy Dallas and is currently the head of Research and Collaboration for GHD. 

Owen is the director of the Corporate Communication & Public Affairs Organizational Communication Track, director of the CCPA Honors Program & the director of the SMU in London Communication Internship Program.  He also is the Research Fellow and director of Community Engagement and Projects for the Hunt Institute of Engineering & Humanity, Lyle School Engineering, SMU.

He is active in the city of Dallas with regards to healthy, fresh, food access and food justice issues. He has served and is a member of several food security committees and city-food interest groups.
His research interests include how organizations and communities are (re) produced through everyday discourse and routines of its members. His research methods focus on qualitative methodology, specifically participatory research methods and Asset Based Community Development-which utilizes existing local assets to address current problems.