The Hart Center

At the Hart Center at SMU-Lyle, we take the leadership and professional development of our students as seriously as their technical education.

Our process starts with the Hart Leadership Assessment, a benchmark tool that reveals a student’s leadership strengths and identifies areas for growth.

Leadership coaches help students analyze results and create personal development plans, which are updated and refined throughout their academic experience. Students learn and build skills that support teamwork, both in engineering design courses and in industry. Through student leadership positions, co-op work experiences and internship opportunities available at SMU and in Dallas-Fort Worth’s thriving business environment, students practice these skills and challenge themselves continually to reach their leadership and professional goals. The Hart Center’s assessment, challenge, and support approach to leadership development helps prepare Lyle students for the real business of engineering, by giving students the tools they need for the college to career transition and encouraging lifelong personal and professional growth.

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