Behind Every Door

In 2009, a group of men, drawn together and inspired by God, penned a vision to transform neighborhoods.

 The idea was simple, purchase an apartment community which housed low-income individuals and families, love the residents, and serve them as much as possible.

Dean Wilson brought his unique experience operating an effective ministry to the poor in an apartment community in California and an unconditional love for the marginalized; Ben Logan brought real estate experience and a hunger to serve the poor; Mike Downey brought over 30 years of proven leadership experience in ministry and a desire to share Jesus’ love with anyone who will listen; John Wallace brought over 30 years as a pastor and a passion for the Kingdom of God; Keith Waggoner added his real estate ownership experience and a desire to transform lives; and, Will Dowell brought community-building experience and an enthusiasm for serving the poor.

In early 2010, the team opened the doors to the Kids’ Club program at Willow Pond apartments and officially launched Behind Every Door. In August of 2010 the team secured a second community, Village Oaks apartments, and began to serve those residents and the surrounding neighborhood. We continue to serve both sites today.

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