The GHD Job Model is to encourage interested local high school students to work in our Future Urban Farm (FUF) program and engage on a local level using their community’s agri-system. Through this engagement process, FUFs will be invited to work towards a career in urban farming.


The FUF Engagement Process:

  1. Train FUFs to maintain their community’s agri-system
  2. Educate FUFs using their system in the basics of urban farming
  3. Mentor youth in skills and habits for future success
  4. Encourage local entrepreneurial actively using agri-system’s outputs


Our FUF model is adapted from Will Allen’s Growing Power model. Growing Power farms in Chicago has employed and trained over 300 local youths annually[1] in their inner city farms.  In the Northern Mid-West region graduates of the Growing Power Program have gone on to start hundreds of their own farms and urban farming based non-profits. Dallas does not yet have the urban farm supply to support 300 jobs, but Dallas is shifting and with GHD’s help the Dallas Urban Farm Coalition has the potential to exceed Chicago’s numbers with the extended growing season in Texas and available lots in South Dallas.