The problem presented by food deserts is systemic and requires a systematic solution (education, nutrition knowledge, professional training & certification, internships, entrepreneurial training) with the vertical integration of local healthy food system (growing, harvesting, processing, packaging, retail and distribution). In other words, GHDs long-term goal is to teach the community how to grow their own fish rather than giving them yesterday’s fish.

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Founding Mission.

GHD is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the lack of healthy food options an economic development opportunities in South Dallas, a food desert and historically low socio-economic neighborhood of Dallas, Texas. GHD strives to provide fresh healthy food and educational resources to the South Dallas community.

Restorative Farms, A Get Healthy Dallas Project

Our community partners, with our assistance, can be successful at integrating the production of local fresh, healthy food into their community initiatives and the lives of those they serve.

The Problem

Half of South Dallas is a food desert; a geographic area where affordable and nutritious food is alleged to be hard to obtain, particularly for those without access to an automobile.

Our Solution

We build an economically viable source of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables and provide a space where local students can learn about the importance and cultivation of local fresh food.

The Outcome

GHD will be an urban farm consultant and general contractor for urban farming initiatives in South Dallas. We will engage in planning, developing, and coordinating activities which coincide with creating and/or sustaining a community based urban farm system.

Get Healthy Dallas will serve as urban farming consultants, facilitators and advocates in South Dallas. By working with and assisting community partners, GHD’s goal is to transform the South Dallas food and job desert into a vibrant food source of Dallas.

With the help of our community partners, GHD hopes

To build an economically viable source of fresh, locally grown, fruits, vegetables and related products in the South Dallas community.

To provide local spaces where communities can learn about the importance and cultivation of local fresh food.

And provide nutrition education and job training as well as productive re-purposing use of properties near and in a food desert to provide local jobs.